A Collaborative Canvas

This project has been my favorite so far because not only were the children engaged in creating a work of art together, but also the result was gorgeous. First they sprayed watered down paint with water bottles.They did this on an old window drape from Ikea. Thank goodness I finally made use of one of those drapes. They were huge ugly dust collectors in our house when we first moved in. They’ve been sitting in our garage for years now after we installed window shades. Who knew they would be a part of art?

Then it was time for paint rollers. I wanted to be both resourceful and cheap here so I made paint rollers out of a water noodle and child-sized hangers. And they worked! So maybe that’ll be my next post…how to make nifty paint rollers.

Even though the art piece looks beautiful, I still don’t think we’re finished. Tomorrow I’d like to have the students squeeze paint out of squeeze bottles on the surface of the canvas, a la Jackson Pollock. As if we haven’t gotten messy enough yet!

photo by Margot Gibson http://margotgibsonphotography.zenfolio.com

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