Mother’s Day Banners

Today we made these adorable banners at the Mother’s Day Workshop at my house. These kids’ moms are gonna be so proud!

Again, I used those old canvas window drapes that I’ve mentioned in past blog entries and cut them into rectangles with a point on the bottom. As I’ve said before, I used to hate those drapes but now they’ve become so useful. I’m like Maria Von Trapp!

First, they drew an image with Sharpies.


Then they painted with watered down tempera paint.


They covered wooden dowels with washi tape and strung beads and pasta on yarn.


And lastly I assembled them, after letting them hang out to dry for a bit.

This was such a wonderful group of kids. I’ve gotta hand it to them…this was a project with many steps to it and they were into it the whole time. This doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I will do a project and can see some of the kids getting bored after a half hour. I thought maybe these kids would tire out this time but nope! You can see from their hardworking happy faces that they were engaged and having fun.



Then it was trampoline time, of course! Finally, pal Mariana and I wrapped them up with tissue paper and ribbon for their proud moms to open on Mother’s Day.


Here’s a view of some of the banners hanging out to dry. Aren’t they so colorful?!?!
The idea for this wonderful project came from Purple Twig and MeriCherry. Also, thanks to my dear friend Mariana for helping out!

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