Father’s Day Coasters

To keep up with the Father’s Day theme on my blog, I decided to include this really simple project that turned out so well when the kids made them last year. These coasters are a great Father’s Day gift because they’re not only handmade but they’re also useful! 

I had provided stencils, stickers and even hole reinforcement stickers along with acrylic paints for the kids to use but, despite all of my instructions and demonstrations, they pretty much just wanted to paint without the extras. Which was fine too!


Optional Supplies:

Here are some methods the kids can use to create certain effects on their painted coasters:

This method involves taping onto the coaster     with masking or painting tape and then painting over it with acrylic paint. Remove the tape and you will have lines!
You can also put reinforcements (or any shaped sticker) on the coasters before painting them and they will act as a resist to the paint. This would make some cool polka dots!
You can also use a stencil for letters or images.

And that’s it! When they’re done, stack ’em up and tie them with a string. What Dad wouldn’t love these on Father’s Day?

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