Father’s Day Watercolor Paintings

Last week we did a workshop for Father’s Day. The kids made watercolor paintings as a gift to their dads. And they were framed too! Each painting looked so unique but they were all special. A lot of the kids needed some extra instruction on how to wet the dried paint on the paper, spread it around and get rid of those splotchy white spots. So it ended up being a good lesson on watercolor painting!


  • watercolor paints
  • watercolor brushes
  • water in containers
  • watercolor paper
  • drafting tape
  • black crayons
  • pencils
  • paper towels (for dabbing and wiping brushes)
  • frames (I bought mine from the Dollar Tree)

Step 1: After taping the watercolor paper down with drafting tape to form a border, have the children draw in pencil. I told them not to get to small or detailed but many of the kids still did. Oh well!


Step 2: Go over the pencil lines with black crayon (which is less smudgy than oil pastels)

My crazy daughter Adele working with crayon.


Step 3: Paint!


And here are some of the finished projects. Framed and ready to go!

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