Gratitude Mobile

I am so excited to post this special mobile that the families made at our local Temple, Temple Israel of Alameda to commemorate the Rosh Hashana New Year. We made a Gratitude Mobile together which is now hanging on the stage in the social hall. Each participant made a strand out of thin plastic string, beads, buttons and tissue paper confetti circles. At the end of each strand they attached a tag, upon which they wrote something that they are grateful for. They also taped colorful feathers to the tissue paper for some beautiful color and texture.

The rings are made out of hula hoops. The bottom hoop is smaller because I cut it smaller and attached it back together. Then I wrapped beautiful string made out of sari fabric that I found at the local craft exchange store (best find ever!). Balancing it and hanging the final piece was probably the hardest part. Just ask my husband, Alan. But in all, it was a beautiful collaborative expression of appreciation for the Jewish New Year. Makes you think, what are YOU grateful for?






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