The Studio

All classes are held in Amy’s open-air studio which is surrounded by a beautiful, lush garden. The studio is located in a spacious converted garage with a roll-up door that is kept open for both light and air circulation. Classes and workshops are kept at a small size and children have space in between one another when working.

Meet Amy

I am an Alameda parent with kids at Edison Elementary and Lincoln Middle School. I am also a gardener, a knitter, a tea drinker (especially Chamomile and Chai) and a lover of sloths.

After years of teaching art in the San Francisco Unified School District, I decided to create an art studio in my backyard so that kids in the community could express themselves creatively through art-making while at the same time enjoy the process.

As an artist myself, I know that having a creative outlet is important. That’s why I made a studio where every child is an artist and is free to express themselves artistically without judgement. So if you have a child who has an active imagination and a zest for creativity, have them join me at my garden studio where art and play come together.