About Amy

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Hi! I’m Amy Seefeldt. I started teaching art when I got my CA Art Credential from SFSU in 2007 and taught Art in the San Francisco Unified School District. But it wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I started really understanding the importance of creative and unique personal expression in children. In other words, kids should feel free to get immersed in the process of making art and using their imaginations, even if it means getting messy!

I was tired of seeing my eldest child come home preschool with “cookie-cutter” crafts where every child’s project looked exactly the same.  Hence, the creation of my class Messy Makers, a process-based art class for little ones where they are free to indulge in the creative process. Whether it’s finger painting, painting with bubbles or making homemade paper, Messy Makers is never afraid to get, well, messy!

I also began teaching workshops for kids out of my house. Now I really look forward to all of the holidays because I always have a unique craft for my students to try out! In addition, I teach art camps through ARPD and watercolor classes after school through AEF. 

As an artist myself, I know that having a creative outlet is important for everyone, no matter what age they are. That’s why I’m happy to share what I love with anyone that is willing to let go of their inhibitions and start creating!


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