After School Classes


In this class, children will learn how to draw using easy step-by-step instructions and their own creative inspiration. We will use shapes, letters and numbers as a foundation for drawing lots of different things from animals to food to even some of our favorite book characters. Then we’ll use what we learned to create our own works of art! Children will also be introduced to different drawing tools such as: pencil, pen, pastel and colored pencil.

When do we meet?
Wednesdays from 1:15-2:15 PM
(I pick up the Edison kids and walk them to my house)

$85 a month per child

My house (contact me for address).

How do I sign up?
Go to the Registration page or just click here.


*We have a break starting Dec 18 and start up again on Jan 8*

If you have any further questions you can contact me at

Photos from Kindergarten Drawing

Here we practiced drawing with unusual tools. We made our own quills out of feathers from local ducks and drew with them using food coloring. We also collected sticks, filed the tips with sandpaper and drew with those too.

Drawing with a handmade quill
sticks and feathers


A heart bird

We learned the elements of shape and how to draw animals from letters.


In this Thanksgiving-themed lesson we examined turkey feathers with magnifying glasses and drew them. Then we drew a step-by-step turkey.


Drawing details of turkey feathers


Here’s a winter themed class where we learned how to use oil pastels to create an adorable mixed media snowman design.