Art-at-Home Projects for Kids

Looking for creative art activities to engage your kids at home? Activities that are fun, quick and and easy enough for them to do by themselves? I’ve put together a list of some of my best projects that are not only fun to do but they also encourage creative exploration, skill-building, and independence.

Check out these at-home art lessons below. You’ll see that there is a kit for EACH project that includes every material your child will need to complete the project. The kits can be picked up from my porch, delivered to your door or mailed to you.

You can use materials from home if you have them OR you can click to purchase an art kit complete with all of the materials by clicking here.

So have fun scrolling through the projects! I will continue to add more art projects to this page so your children have lots of projects to do.

Ages: Pre K-6 yrs old

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Heart

Add a little extra color to your sunshine with this Tissue Paper Stained Glass Heart. With just a few materials your child can make this pretty little decoration that attaches to their window and makes a rainbow of light. So easy and so pretty!

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Melted Crayon Texture Rubbings

Let your little one explore patterns and textures while making art! This is super easy and can especially be done by younger kids. In my demo (and in the kit I provide) I use a melted crayon, which works the best with rubbings.

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Rock Sculpture

This silly little rock is made into a whimsical wacky sculpture by wrapping pipe cleaners and decorating them with colorful pasta, foam shapes, feathers and pom poms. A funky take on a Messy Maker favorite!

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Ages: 7-11 yrs old

Mexican Tin Hearts

Also known as Milagros in Mexico, these adorable little embossed decorations are made from an aluminum pan! Then they are decorated with paint, gems and mirror stickers.

✔    Video instructions included

✔    Educational too!

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Needle Felted Hearts

An Art with Amy favorite, these Needle Felted hearts are made with colorful wool, felting needles and felt.

✔    Easy for kids and adults

✔    Quick project

✔    Video instructions included

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