Needle Felted Heart

Needle Felted Heart

Needle felting is one of my favorite things to teach and one of the favorite projects of my students. I led a needle felted hear collaborative art project for my daughter’s school art auction project when she was in 4th grade. Everyone made their own needle felted heart. Here is what it looked like:

So, here is a little tutorial on how to make your own needle felted heart. If you do not have a heart stencil, you can use any kind of stencil you want that works for you. Sometimes I even make my own stencils when I need to using manilla folders and an exacto knife.

You need:

Most of these items you can buy at a craft store such as Michael’s. As for the heart stencil, a friend of mine made it with her Cricut. It’s always good to have a friend with a Cricut!

So, first of all, you set up the supplies in layers. It’s like a big sub sandwich.

Stuff the stencil full of wool, place it flat on your mat, and begin poking.  Keep poking until it is relatively firm and has taken on the shape of your stencil.  Then work to firm up the edges and fine tune your piece. To avoid poking yourself, always hold the wool in a manner so that you can see your fingers and poke carefully and slowly at first.

Always pull the needle out in the same direction you stuck it in to avoid breaking the needle.  Poke straight up and down – don’t tilt the needle while it’s inside the wool.

Here’s a video I put together just for you on how to do it.

Happy Felting!