Sparkly Shiny Eggs

Yesterday I went to a friend’s house for an Easter dinner. Before we ate, I sat down with all of the kids and taught them how to make Sparkly Shiny Easter Eggs. They’re really easy. These ones were made by kids ages 3-11 (although the 3 yr old definitely needed help from daddy). Here’s how you do it: Continue reading “Sparkly Shiny Eggs”

A Collaborative Canvas

This project has been my favorite so far because not only were the children engaged in creating a work of art together, but also the result was gorgeous. First they sprayed watered down paint with water bottles.They did this on an old window drape from Ikea. Thank goodness I finally made use of one of those drapes. They were huge ugly dust collectors in our house when we first moved in. They’ve been sitting in our garage for years now after we installed window shades. Who knew they would be a part of art? Continue reading “A Collaborative Canvas”

In the Beginning…

This is my first blog post. I have no idea if anyone will read this but I’m doing it anyway, out of my love for art and the amazing process of it all. 40,000 years ago people were creating art on the walls of caves. The reasons for these paintings are unknown but theories suggest shamanistic rituals or prayers for a bountiful hunt. Whatever those theories may be, these ancient paintings show us that art is an authentic, deep aspect of our human-ness and the desire to create is ingrained in us all.  Continue reading “In the Beginning…”