Father’s Day Watercolor Paintings

Last week we did a workshop for Father’s Day. The kids made watercolor paintings as a gift to their dads. And they were framed too! Each painting looked so unique but they were all special. A lot of the kids needed some extra instruction on how to wet the dried paint on the paper, spread it around and get rid of those splotchy white spots. So it ended up being a good lesson on watercolor painting! Continue reading “Father’s Day Watercolor Paintings”

Mother’s Day Banners

Today we made these adorable banners at the Mother’s Day Workshop at my house. These kids’ moms are gonna be so proud!

Again, I used those old canvas window drapes that I’ve mentioned in past blog entries and cut them into rectangles with a point on the bottom. As I’ve said before, I used to hate those drapes but now they’ve become so useful. I’m like Maria Von Trapp! Continue reading “Mother’s Day Banners”