Texture Rubbings

Texture Rubbings

  • Crayons (preferably with the paper removed OR a flat crayon, which I provide in the kit)
  • Paper
  • Various items that create texture*

*Just look in your house or around it! You can find things that would create interesting textures. Have your child join in on the search. Examples of items you can use to create texture are: the edges of paper plates, sandpaper, paper coffee cup liners, leaves or burlap. There are so many possibilities.

You can also make your own rubbing plates by gluing patterns onto pieces of cardboard with elmer’s or hot glue.

Then, all you do is put your paper on top of the texture and use the crayon to rub.

The crayon I provide in the kit is homemade. It’s flat, so it’s perfect for making rubbings. If you want to make your own flat crayons at home, you can follow the instructions in this link here.

Let your child explore what happens when they use the different textures and have fun!