Tissue Paper Stained Glass Heart

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Heart

This is a great project for the little ones from ages 2-5 yrs old. I’ve done these several times in my Messy Makers classes and they’re always a hit because they’re easy to make and they always come out looking pretty. At the end, you hang them on your window and the light shines through! This is a mini-version so it doesn’t take too long to make and it’s simple enough for little hands to do.


  • small pieces of tissue paper
  • heart stencil
  • piece of wax paper cut the same size as the stencil
  • glue with a little bit of water mixed in to thin it out
  • q-tip

Dip the q-tip in the glue and brush it onto the wax paper. Place a piece of tissue paper on top of the glue. Keep doing this over and over again until you have covered the wax paper with colorful tissue paper pieces.

Here’s Alice making her stained glass tissue paper heart.

Now paint the glue around the edges of one side of the heart stencil.

Place the wax paper with the tissue paper onto the heart stencil. Make sure the wax side of the paper is facing down and the tissue paper side is facing up towards you. (If you have the “wrong” side facing down, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. It still looks pretty and you can’t really tell the difference much.)

And that’s it! All done! Tape it to your window and let the light shine through.